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What is Open Access?
Open access – means the non-discriminatory provisions for the use of transmission lines or distribution system or associated facilities with such lines or system by any licensee or consumer or a person engaged in generation in accordance with the regulations specified by the Commission.
Which regulation governs intrastate open access?
In Haryana “the terms and conditions for Open Access for Intrastate Transmission & Distribution System, Regulation – 2012, issued by Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission vide its notification dated 11.01.2012”. This regulation is available on the HERC website
What is applicability of the Regulation?
These regulations are applicable to open access for use of intra-state transmission system and/or the distribution systems of the licensees in the State including when such system is used in conjunction with inter-state transmission system.
How the category of intrastate open access consumers is defined?
Long Term – An open access customer availing intrastate open access for a period of exceeding 12 years or more shall be the long-term intrastate open access customer.
Short Term – An open access customer availing intrastate open access for a period of one month shall be the short-term intra state open access customer.
Is there any additional metering and metering equipment to be provided in order to avail open access?
Yes, Special Energy Meters (SEMs) are to be provided by the consumer.
Which category of consumer can apply for open access?
Though HERC regulation provides consumers who:
i) are being fed from independent feeders
ii) have contract demand 1MVA and above
iii) are not defaulters of power utilities
Is there any, defined procedure and application format to avail open access?
Yes, the procedure to avail open access and the appropriate application format is available on the website and
What are the charges applicable to open access customers?
The charges applicable to open access customers are provided Regulation dated 11.01.2012.
Who is the nodal agency for intrastate open access in Haryana?
According to HERC Regulation State Transmission Utilities i.e. HVPNL is the nodal agency for arranging the open access and to coordinate the activities with the concerned licensees and SLDC.
Which is the concerned office and its contact address of the nodal office?
Chief Engineer / System Operation & Commercial, HVPNL, Panchkula is the concerned office. The Contact address is as under:
i) Chief Engineer / System Operation & Commercial
R. No. 206,1st Floor Shakti Bhawan, HVPNL, 
Sector 6, Panchkula 
Phone No. – 0172-2560547 Facsimile 0172-2560622

  The data displayed is for general information of Public/Government/Other Users. HVPNL shall not be responsible for any discrepancy in the data. Please contact Chief Engineer Administration, Shakti Bhawan, Sector-6, Panchkula, for further information.  
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